We are RADAR. A collective of innovators, trendmakers, degens, scouts, strategists, creators, curators, big idea thinkers, coming together to share their knowledge, insight and research. Below are just some of our most active members.

Sarah Owen
Trend forecaster, futurist and social scientist and co-founded of futures think tank - SOON.

Nikita Walia
Strategist by trade. Founder and CEO of a BLANK a strategy, design, and ideas studio.

Keely Adler
Brand Strategist by trade, Time-Traveling futurist at heart. VP of the Cultural Futurism practice at dentsu.

Dwayne "the Jock" Ronson
/Experimenter/Thinker operating in web3 and DAOs

Domingo Beta

"Graphic Designer creating weird and coolorful visuals for Web3 projects. Cofounder of Veleta Studiolab"

Executive Director, Strategy - dotdotdash

Alum - @Complex, @thefader, @JayZ, @BerkleeCollege

DAO Contributor, writer and Strategist for Jump & Rabbithole

Transdisciplinary Designer and Strategist. Founder of @tropicalfutures. Getting lost at the intersection of (fill in the blank) & (fill in the blank)

Matt Weatherall
Freelance Creative Strategy and Founder of Special Guest. Previous @Swarm, @Wild Labs, @Glimpse, and @Good for Nothin.

Patrick Tanguay
Autodidact. Generalist. Synthesist. Curator of the weekly @Sentiers, a newsletter for those who want to understand the world and imagine better futures.

Linda Xiao
Sci-fi & Creative Tech NerdVP, Emerging Tech & Strategy @ Momentum Worldwide

Sergio Ariza
DAO Contributor and Governance consultant

Governance at: @RADARXYZ
Metagovernance at @Wildfire_DAO_
Consultant at @banklessconsult

Researcher and Governance consultant.

Member(L2): @banklessDAO
Governance: @Climate_DAO, @Radarxy, @Protein


Social Media Manager for Interlay and Kintsugi, Web3 content writer, optimist, and innovation’s biggest stan.

Fred Wordie
Freelancer Critical designer/Artist exploring Power, Politics & Ethics of the design industry and Internet Culture.

Rem Cycles
Educator and futurist. Being a core member of QMoDA/COLORS DAO, working for Catalog, and being a member in other (@Protein, @Loser Club)

White Flamingo
IC at Protocol Labs. Advisor to Station, DAOMasters, Protein, RnDAO, RADAR etc. Kernel KB5 Fellow.

Olivia Poglianich
brand strategy @godlingstudio and futures @psfk.

Tina Yip
Founder of strtgst | Community, Future of work, Personal Development | Design spaces for people to feel, learn and grow

Olga Shaeva
Trend researcher with a passion for methodology. World explorer. Co-founder and head of research at the Algorithm trend intelligence.

Andrea C
Creative thinker/doer, rabbit-hole-diver, dot-connector. Cross-cultural brand and comms strategist @BBH China